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Internet marketing is an exciting industry to be involved in for a lot of reasons but one of the main ones is that it’s constantly evolving which means you’re never going to be bored. This constant state of change also means that you need to be on your toes when it comes to running your internet marketing business so we’d like to share a few IM Do’s and Don’ts with you here to help you on your journey.


Do Offer Value

If you want to be truly successful in Internet marketing then do something different because if you’re doing the same thing as everyone else then you’re just lost in the all the marketing “noise” online and you’ll never be noticed. If you want to separate yourself from the rest of the IM herd then creating something original is a good start – being unique means that you instantly get noticed. If you’re struggling with creating something 100% new then look at an existing product or service and find a way to add value to that in the form of a user guide, add-on product that works with it or something along those lines. Just don’t expect people to be lining up to buy your 25-pack of eBooks for $10 – those days are over.


Don’t Spam The Search Engines

If you’re going to be a serious contender in the IM world then you’re going to need to leverage all the lovely, free traffic that Google and Bing can offer you – especially Google. You want the secret to search engine marketing success? Don’t spam the search engines! Avoid using “loopholes”, “push button software” or any other tricks, gimmicks or SEO miracles you see offered online. Building stable search engine rankings takes time (allow at least 8 – 12 weeks from the moment you start) and building a site with great content, a strong social media presence and a few high-quality backlinks is all it takes. Using gimmicks will either get your website ignored or banned completely; you have been warned!


Do Sell High Ticket Items

Most people take years to realize the one big secret in Internet marketing – it takes as much effort to sell a product with a $100 commission as it does to sell a product with a $10 commission. Why not sell 10 items @ $100 commission each instead of 100 items @ $10 commission each? Plus the people spending $100+ on a single online purchase have purchasing power so you should be forming a relationship with them before, during and after the sale itself. If you’re selling your own products then don’t try to compete for the lower end of the market because it’s already crowded. Instead look for people with money to spend and then sell them something.


Do Outsource

There is no way you can be a graphics, content, marketing, SEO and backlinks expert all at the same time. Well you could but you’ll drive yourself completely insane in the process. If you want to grow then you need to outsource. Start small with Fiverr gigs for graphics or content and as your business grows work your way up to hiring your own VA (virtual assistant). Outsourcing is the only way to grow your business in any meaningful way, just take a look at all the big names in Internet marketing to see what we mean.


Don’t Hammer Your List

There’s been a relatively recent return by some marketers and marketing “gurus” to the idea of churning and burning your email subscriber list. The basic idea is that you offer your subscribers a free gift to get them to sign up and then literally hammer them with offers every single day until they get tired of your and unsubscribe.


Hammering your list is a bad move ethically and financially. Firstly you’re tarnishing your own name and secondly you’re spending money to build a list and then destroy your subscriber’s confidence – they’ll be very reluctant to trust you with their email address again.


The biggest “Do” in Internet marketing is that you find a market that you’ll be happy working in and if you happen to know something about that particular market your IM business will feel more like a hobby than a job…which is the ideal outcome right?