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SEO has changed a lot over the last 10 years or so, but for all that change the core principles of SEO have stayed the exact same. You see the entire Google algorithm is based on a few basic elements such as what the links pointing to your page say about it, the actual number of those links and then how the words on your page relate to the text of the incoming links. That’s it. For all the loopholes and “secret techniques” that the so-called SEO gurus out there keep trying to sell you, the heart of the Google algorithm isn’t ever going to change. So if you want to improve your search engine website ranking then being creative at the basics of SEO is usually enough to get the rankings you need.

Let’s take a look at the factors you need to focus on in terms of improving the ranking of your website.

External Links

Incoming links to your site are what the original Google algorithm was based on and it’s still extremely relevant today – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Without getting into a huge amount of detail about building links to your site what you need to know is that your backlink profile (the number and type of links your site has) needs to be very diverse. So in an ideal world your backlinks would be made up of links from article sites, social bookmarking, free and paid directories, some high PageRank sites, YouTube videos, web 2.0 sites, guest blogging links, press release links, links from forums you participate in, RSS feed links etc, etc. Focus on diversity and focus on quality and you should have absolutely no problem at all.

Internal Links

If there’s any one single aspect of SEO which is under utilized by people trying to rank in the search engines it’s in the area of using your own linking power. What this means is that you can and should be creating links from your own pages to other pages on your site. Let’s say for example Page A (a sub-page) on your site is all about natural acne treatments and the homepage of your site needs some extra link juice. All you need to do is create a link from Page A to your homepage with anchor text that you want your homepage to rank for e.g. best acne treatments. A link from within your own site can be just as powerful as any external link.


The days of being able to use badly spun PLR content or some rubbish article you paid $2 for are over. Finished. Done. Google hire real human beings to perform a quality check on websites these days and although they can’t check every single site in their index you still need to be aware of this. If your site (or sites) get flagged as having spun content or poorly written content you can kiss any website rankings you have goodbye – you’ll be bumped so far back down in the SERPS you’re likely to appear in an alternate universe.

Don’t get me wrong here – I know SEO is FAR more difficult that it ever has been before in the history of the SEO business but the reality is that unless Google scraps its entire algorithm then high-quality incoming links, solid internal linking practices and providing great content should be enough to improve your rankings for the foreseeable future.

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