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Internet Marketing Mistakes


In this digital age, it is very important to mark your presence in the virtual world. Internet has made this world a small business hub. You can make your own website and even sell the products online to millions of people. There are thousands of business owners present on Internet who are continuously trying to take away your market share.


To build the image of your business and develop a brand image, it is necessary to involve a right marketing strategy. The internet marketing strategies are quite different from traditional ones. There are numerous strategies which can be used for your business depending on the products and services rendered by you.


The internet marketing program is all about increasing the traffic rate to your web page and indirectly driving more revenue. However, people complicate this simple idea by doing small mistakes which lead to low traffic and business loss. The following are some of the worst internet marketing mistakes:


1) No proper plan:


It is very important to make a proper plan before you execute the marketing strategy. The strategies and investment plan must be made before buying any of the internet marketing services. This plan must include every detail  and approach you will take while executing your marketing strategy.  This is the mantra of success. You need to make monthly and weekly sub-plans to support the main marketing plan.


2) Avoiding social media:


The biggest mistake is avoiding the social media network like Facebook, twitter, etc. from your internet marketing plan. This can result into loss of many future prospects. The social media is a pool of huge traffic and billions of people everyday come online and spend time on these websites. It is a great way to get bulk traffic to your website.


All you need to do is get connected with these social media sites through business pages, tweets and social bookmarks. You can relay the information about your products and services to millions of potential clients. It is easy and a new standard for internet marketing. This new trend has been termed as social media marketing.


3) Ignoring present customers:


While you get busy searching for new prospects, you ignore the existing customers. This is a huge mistake. You need to keep present customers satisfied and happy. There must be a complete different strategy for your existing customers. You must be in touch regularly with your current customers and constantly update them about your new products and services. This will help you to retain the existing market share.


4) Avoiding the e-mail marketing medium:


This is another mistake done by small businesses. They completely avoid this medium which can help to increase your reach. The banners and small catchy adds sent in e-mail can attract a lot of people towards your website and products. You must obtain the e-mail list of people from a particular area which is easily available at low costs.


These are just a few things which you need to take into consideration before the final implementation of your internet marketing strategy.