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The Google Penguin update 2.0 brought a severe blow to the bloggers and content developers. This update’s main focus is to deter the websites containing high level of web-spam from appearing in top search results in Google.

This Google algorithm that was announced in April 2012 penalizes those websites that infringe Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

So if you want to stay away from being penalized and want your website to show up in top search results, here’s what you need to follow:


Say no to Black hat!

First and foremost, completely avoid the Black hat SEO techniques. These techniques include Hidden Content, Page stuffing, Gateway pages, Keyword stuffing, Link farming etc. If at all you have used such techniques in your webpage, remove them. Remove all paid links from your websites as they may leave your website with lower ranking due to the Penguin update.


Make use of SNS (Social Networking Sites)

If you want your blog or website to spread like wild fire, social networking sites are the deal! Share you links on social platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. Include genuine and attractive content in your webpages and share the link via social media to get maximum attention. Create your profile on social websites and share links to your website to spread your work!


Include Advertorials and not advertisements in your website.

Advertorial is a sales promotion technique wherein you avoid posting of advertisements but promote the product by way of blogs, testimonials and Articles. Google doesn’t really have a problem with advertorials! The only issue with them is that it should not be used for search engine optimization. So you can still make money with advertorials!

Make use of these simple SEO techniques and stay away from spam!

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